Tsk, I Shouldn't Promise

Graaahhh I told some reviewers that I'd update Late Fee by the weekend. Why did I do that?? :O

Well, obviously because I like my reviewers and still feel guilty for dragging this fic out forever as it is :P

But the thing is, I could be watching American Dad right now in the lounge with my older sister, or playing COD4 against my brothers in their room right now, but I have to type this up instead lol. Not that I hate writing, I just hate... writing unless the inspiration strikes me hahaha. And right now it hasn't, so i keep finding my atention wandering and I start reading other fanfics or straying off to other sites rather than work on the chapter.

Tsk tsk, I have a horrible attention span, right? Ah well, I'll keep trying. So far, all I've got is:

Nao raised an eyebrow, uncertainly glancing between Natsuki's steadfast expression and Shizuru's dazed one. Flicking a strand of dark red out of her eye, the younger-looking girl sat up in her backwards chair a bit as she regarded the couple.

"Well, I guess there's a first time for everything then."

Shizuru herself barely heard the other girl over the loud thumping of her own heart, drowning out the surrounding noise to a faint buzz as her entire consciousness focused on the sensation of smooth - while yet so strong - hands cradling her own pair lovingly. It wasn't until she felt a gentle squeeze that she realised Natsuki was trying to get her attention. Looking up, she saw a glimmer of askance in the green eyes that gazed back at her, while the lime pair of the intruder were also fixed on her.

Ara, they must be waiting for me to answer a question of some sort... And judging by the look Natsuki's giving me, I suppose she wants me to play along with her little act...

"Ah, excuse my rudeness. I was merely lost in thought for a moment," Here, she shot a sultry look in Natsuki's direction. "What was it you asked me, my dear Natsuki?"

Shizuru was thankful now for her trained ability to witheld bursts of spontaneous emotion... As she was quite certain that without it, she would've already burst into a fit of giggles at the way a gentle pink glow began to flare to life once again on Natsuki's features.

Well well... If Natsuki wants me to play along with this relationship act of hers for whatever reason, then I shall oblige. And why not have a little fun for myself also? Perhaps if I show Natsuki how affectionate I can be, she'll see that maybe I wouldn't be such a bad girlfriend after all...


... And that's it. Well, knowing my fics, what's written there will probably change by the time I post it on because I have a habit of changing everything around before I''m happy with it so if it's majorly sucky, try not to stress too much *sheepish grin*

I feel like writing my KonoSetsu one. But, like I do with meals, get the less-favourable part out of the way first to fully enjoy the best bit for last. So like Veggies vs. Steak, I'm gonna shift this Late Fee chappie out of the way and then enjoy writing an update for the KonoSetsu.

Life is so much easier if you simplify everything like I do :3


Now I'm gonna go make a coffee and try to whip up a chapter whilst on a caffeine high. It usually works! Huzzah!

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Happy New Year

Yep, 2010. Zee and I wrote a fic for it.

I can't talk much about it because I am in AGONY right now, it's 6:05am right now in aus and I haven't gone to bed yet, eurgh wine and my stomach just DO NOT agree with each other. Owwie...

The hours before and on midnight were great, but these early hours are gross. I need a good, long sleep... I'm just waiting for the panadol to kick in now  >_<

But happy new year to everyone else :)
Angry, Ayaka

I Keep Neglecting This Thing

Jeeeeez, see this is why Bebo was the only social networking site I had enough interest in to manage! lol.

I keep forgetting this thing even exists... Anywho, on the topic of fanfiction I guess.

I have 10 days holidays from work! Huzzah! That means, until the 4th of january, I have a high chance of being able to regularly update my fics... something never-before seen from me :P

Yahh, I will be busy a lot though since it's summer here and, well, that pretty much demands beach trips and shopping trips and wandering around town late at night with your friends coz it's cooler outside than it is inside lol.

Still, it's only been like 3 days so far and I've managed to update my Xmas ShizNat one (Which is gearing up to be longer than I wanted it to @__@) Posted a KonoSetsu one that I need to think of a second chap for *sweatdrop*

And I've also got halfway through chapter 4 of Late Fee, plus have a half-written humour KonoSetsu one sitting on my laptop somewhere. If I persevere, Late Fee may be up by tonight.

All in all, I reckon I've done pretty darn good. Hurr.

That aside, a quick note about my anime: The Negima manga arrived, I bought D. Gray-man and Tsubasa, and I'm still waiting for my Mou Hitotsu No Sekai OAD volume 2 disc bundle to arrive T__T

Now, off to write some fanfiction (I'll turn my phone on silent in case my friends ring and try to drag me out) >:D
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SOI Test

LOL I filled out some kind of personality analysing test online (from a link in someone's journal I found) and the results I got were this:

Summary: You enjoy regular acknowledgment and recognition from others. You make an effort to hold onto friendships with many different people. Interpersonal relationships are more about shared interests than shared emotions for you.

Hmm. I suppose it's pretty right XD

I do enjoy compliments (who doesn't?)

I have my regular face-to-face friends that I hang out with all the time, but a lot of my anime/fanfic friends are only accessible via MSN so I make an effort to chat to them when availiable.

And lastly, I'm not really one of those "emotionally deep" people at all, I muuuuch prefer to joke around like an idiot with my mates rather than talk about life's problems, so I can definitely relate to having interpersonal relationships about interests rather than emotions.

Huzzah for a decent quiz result! Them things are rare! (like the stupid HiME personality quiz that told me I was MIKOTO >_<)

Oh and I got an email from AnimeNation today saying all my manga is on it's way over here, and there was a glitch in the system that was causing it to display "Order is pending Review" for weeks lol. Yay~!
Thinking, Konoka

HaruMichi Phase Still Not Over?!

Muahaha after a bit of back and forth commenting between orphan_of_oz and me both pointing out our mutual laziness, I decided to force myself to write a KonoSetsu fic but out caaaaame... HaruMichi, somehow :P

It's horrible how I tend to jump from one shoujo-ai obession to the other and lose interest in fandoms for no apparent reason (R.I.P, ShizNat. I'm sure my flame for you will burn again someday) for some reason I just find HaruMichi dominates most of my thoughts when i go through my anime daydreaming stages, but anyway the story is written in the link at the end of this post if anyone's interested. If you wanna see my other stuff, I'm on under the penname komett. Surprise! XP

Oh, and as for the Negima OAD.... I found it listed on ebay but stupid me and my click-happy finger went and bought the item straight out before reading that it was an american pre-order, and won't be shipping out until early-mid december... even though there are copies available directly from Japan on there that I could have in like a week or so. Oh, curses.

Then again, I'm sure it'll be subbed and uploaded somewhere on the net anyway, so I can watch it while I wait for the authentic media to arrive *grin*

Since I love spamming pics on the internet, here's my copy of the first OAD with the neat fanservicey box art and the Kaede pactio card~!

The Asuna case is the DVD case, the KonoSetsu is the display box, and the Kaede is... the Kaede. Hehehe and behind that is a poster and my collectible Ala Alba badge XD

Below is the fic. Humour Oneshot, a fanfic about Haruka constantly being mistaken for a boy and how Michiru is secretly glad she isn't. :P

Leave me a review/comment/flame/question if ya wanna.

Post Numero Uno!

Well, first entry here on this LJ page. I dunno what to write hehe.

Since this is mainly an anime page, I suppose I should start off with an up to date series that I'm following, so... Mahou Sensei Negima! Or, to be precise, the new OAD!

Mou Hitotsu No Sekai (Episode 1/4, y'all!)

Now, I managed to snag a manga/DVD bundle of the first episode back in September which came with a very nice collector's box (Konosetsu, anyone?) but the new one comes out 17/11/09 next week and locating a source to preorder this thing for an english-speaking person isn't as easy as I thought it would be. ;;;;

Collapse )

Oh, there's a pic of part of my anime collection in the cut, too.