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Post Numero Uno!

Well, first entry here on this LJ page. I dunno what to write hehe.

Since this is mainly an anime page, I suppose I should start off with an up to date series that I'm following, so... Mahou Sensei Negima! Or, to be precise, the new OAD!

Mou Hitotsu No Sekai (Episode 1/4, y'all!)

Now, I managed to snag a manga/DVD bundle of the first episode back in September which came with a very nice collector's box (Konosetsu, anyone?) but the new one comes out 17/11/09 next week and locating a source to preorder this thing for an english-speaking person isn't as easy as I thought it would be. ;;;;

--> I spent hours this morning on the Amazon Japan website where gelotaku9 directed me from his anime blog but I could not for the life of me manage to sign up an account with these guys! It was as bad as the the time I tried to infiltrate Yamibo.com to source yuri doujin goodies -__-

I mean, I got as far as entering my name and email address into it's form, but I ran into a roadblock when it began asking me for my "Establishment, no spaces katakana"


Well, I found out that trying various random words doesn't work, neither does googling the situation lol. I ended up staring blankly at the screen for ages and eventually wandering off to watch Lucky Star on my DVD player to perk myself back up because I got so fustrated hehehe, and if anything can cheer me up it's that show (The OP alone is enough!)

I guess I will maybe just wait around until ebay puts up some copies of the japanese Volume 28/DVD bundles rather than try to preorder my OAD copy from a foreign website, plus I already have volumes 16-22 of the english Negima on it's way over here from AnimeNation coz I got so sick of looking at my bookshelf and only seeing half of the manga collection :P

As a random thing, here is a pic of part of my collection (Ignore all the pink! @_@):


Remember, this is only one wall, and it's a dated pic (I have more stuff there now lol)

Aaaaand I realise that this numero uno post is getting kinda long lol, so I'll finish this and update again when I manage to get that OAD or maybe earlier... in the first place, why am I so excited about episode two anyway? From what I saw of the preview trailer here the episode is gonna be all about Chachamaru and Chisame anyway, no Secchan in sight until a later episode.

Hm, I think I might write a Konosetsu fic this weekend, I haven't written anything for aaaages...

Oh, there's a pic of part of my anime collection in the cut, too.
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