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SOI Test

LOL I filled out some kind of personality analysing test online (from a link in someone's journal I found) and the results I got were this:

Summary: You enjoy regular acknowledgment and recognition from others. You make an effort to hold onto friendships with many different people. Interpersonal relationships are more about shared interests than shared emotions for you.

Hmm. I suppose it's pretty right XD

I do enjoy compliments (who doesn't?)

I have my regular face-to-face friends that I hang out with all the time, but a lot of my anime/fanfic friends are only accessible via MSN so I make an effort to chat to them when availiable.

And lastly, I'm not really one of those "emotionally deep" people at all, I muuuuch prefer to joke around like an idiot with my mates rather than talk about life's problems, so I can definitely relate to having interpersonal relationships about interests rather than emotions.

Huzzah for a decent quiz result! Them things are rare! (like the stupid HiME personality quiz that told me I was MIKOTO >_<)

Oh and I got an email from AnimeNation today saying all my manga is on it's way over here, and there was a glitch in the system that was causing it to display "Order is pending Review" for weeks lol. Yay~!
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